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I am an experienced and passionate TEFL Teacher with a love for teaching and empowering children.

I hold a 4 year Bachelor’s degree in Education, a 2 year Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Early Childhood Education as well as an advanced professional TEFL diploma (168 hours).


I have 15 years of experience teaching English to children. 


I am a great communicator; energetic, proactive and adaptable, as well as creative and resourceful. I’m compassionate, kind and loving with endless resources of patience and empathy. I have a great sense of humour and can always find the funny side of things.


However, most importantly, I live to see the world through a child’s eyes, and that’s simply fantastic.


Why Should Your Child Learn English?

Young children don’t consciously learn a language; instead, they acquire it almost effortlessly. Up to the age of ten or twelve, children can also learn a second language almost without an accent. This is because the brain is more open to accommodating new and different sounds. When children study online with a native English teacher, they can easily pick up and copy their teacher’s accent because they are better at mimicking new sounds. They are not self-conscious about using different language patterns or pronunciation that might be different from their mother tongue. So the earlier they start, the better! 

~ https://englishclassviaskype.com/ ~

Teacher Mandy's Work Experience

  ESL/TEFL Online English Teacher

  Self Employed

  Oct 2018 – Date

  • Curriculum development, establishing clear objectives for lessons, units and projects
  • Lesson planning focused on teaching productive and receptive skills
  • Teaching neutral pronunciation of English
  • Adapting teaching methods and instructional materials to meet learner's interests and needs
  • Sourcing, making and using aids and resources effectively
  • Organise and lead activities to promote physical, mental and social development
  • Observe and evaluate learner performance


  ESL/TEFL In-Person English Teacher

  Self Employed 

  Jan 2013 - Sep 2018

  • Plan, organise and implement a suitable curriculum and lesson plans
  • Teaching English productive and receptive skills
  • Sourcing and making relevant teaching aids and materials
  • Teaching neutral pronunciation of English
  • Plan and conduct assessment of learning outcomes
  • Nurtured confidence by stimulating students to appreciate their own achievements and actions
  • 100% success


  Preschool In-Class Teacher

  Hobbit Hill Pre-primary School

  Jan 2007 - Nov 2012

  OBJECTIVE: To ensure that non-English speaking very young learners could enter primary schools where English was the language of learning

  • Taught students basic skills such as literacy, language and numeracy
  • Encouraged learning and development through play, activities and teaching
  • Communicated children development, progress, successes or concerns to parents through quarterly meetings
  • Enhanced language acquisition using phonics learning tools
  • 97% pass rate over a period of 6 years

Teacher Mandy's Qualifications

  The TEFL Academy Jan 2020 – May 2020 Online

  TQUK Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (168 hours)

  Coursework in Teaching English as a Foreign Language


  ETDP SETA Feb 2009 – Nov 2010 Bloemfontein, SA

  Higher Certificate : Early Childhood Development (2 years)

  Coursework in early childhood development and education


  University of Venda Feb 2001 – Nov 2004 Thohoyandou, SA

  Bachelor of Education (Hons) (4 years)

  Early Childhood Education

  Curriculum: theory, design, development and practice

  Methodology of first additional language: English


Teacher Mandy's Testimonials

I found Teaher Mandy to be competent, eloquent and well versed in teaching English as a second language. She worked exceptionally well instructing learners on an individual basis and her extensive knowledge and syntactical understanding of the language was clearly noticed in the progress made by the young learners she taught. 


Her commitment to implement and enhance the curriculum she taught was reinforced by designing additional plans for teaching and assessment.


Feedback was thoroughly constructed and she maintained a good raport with learners and parents for many years afterwards.


~ Tersia Liguori ~


This is to confirm that Teacher Mandy was the Extra English Teacher for our Grandson Leseli Michael Pharoe from age 4 years at Lilliput Pre-Primary School, Ladybrand untill the age of 8 years at Coenraad Snyman Primary school, Moddderport.


As a result, He passed his Grade 7 well and is now attending Grade 9 at Ladybrand High School well proficient in the English language. 

~ Florah Lebona ~


Mandy is firm, patient, kind, and loving and has such a genuine passion for working with children that it resonates through her teaching, and my children who are always happy.


Thank you, Teacher Mandy, for being the most amazing teacher and doing such a great job with my 2 boys who can often be very head strong and wilful. We wish you all the very best in your endeavours and I can vouch for the fact that as long as you stick to your calling (working with children) you can absolutely never fail.


~Tracey Hannsen ~

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